Gender Male
Profession Family Dog
Family Peter & Elizabeth

First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance [[]]
Episode Count 11 episodes
Images of Satchmo

Satchmo is the family dog of Peter & Elizabeth.

Character ProfileEdit

Satchmo is a Yellow Labrador Retriever who is loyal and faithful towards Burke Family. Much to Peter's chagrin, he takes a liking to Neal upon their first meeting.

In the episode Checkmate where Matthew Keller sends a person to kidnap Elizabeth Burke, Satchmo bites the kidnaper's hand which helped the FBI to track down the person using the blood which was on Satchmo's chin.


Peter & Elizabeth Burke, Neal CaffreyEdit

QuotesFrom Bad Judgement... as Mozzie sweeps the Burke home for listening devices:Edit

Elizabeth: "I don’t think they bugged the dog."
Mozzie: "Amateur" y eah yo dog yup

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