Ryan Wilkes
Gender Male
Profession White Collar Criminal

Portrayed By Charles Malik Whitfield
Season(s) 1
First Appearance Front Man
Last Appearance Front Man
Episode Count 1 episodes
Images of Wilkes

Ryan Wilkes is a high end criminal in White Collar.

Character ProfileEdit

Charming, intelligent and smooth, Ryan Wilkes is a white collar criminal who has a history with Neal Caffrey. Despite his upper class appearance he is a cut-throat and ruthless man who isn't afraid to play dirty. He employs thugs to do his dirty work and uses guns for persuasion and solving problems. He doesn't take kindly to being double crossed, can hold a grudge and believes in revenge. He frequents private clubs and underground casinos for enjoyment.

Overall, Wilkes works smart and clean. When conducting a home invasion, he does his homework and cuts a copy of a key to make a clean entry. He doesn't trust his thugs with the delicate and important work, so even though he employs them to be look outs and henchmen, Wilkes will conduct the crucial actions himself, as in the case of a kidnapping, he will snatch the victim.


Neal CaffreyEdit

Wilkes and Caffrey attempted to work together in the past however they found their styles to be incompatible. Caffrey doesn't like to use guns, and conducts his business without physically harming people, very much in contrast to Wilkes' gun show. Caffrey ended their partnership by joining Wilkes' crew, gaining intel and then selling him out for $500,000. Wilkes hunted Caffrey down and tried to kill him. In the episode appropriately named Front Man, Wilkes aims to exact revenge on Caffrey by using him as a front man in his criminal activities.

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