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Reese Hughes
Gender Male
Profession FBI Agent
Rank Special Agent in Charge
Specialty White Collar Crime

Portrayed By James Rebhorn
Season(s) 1, 2, 4
First Appearance Threads
Last Appearance In the Wind
Episode Count 15 episodes
Images of Reese Hughes

Reese Hughes was the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the New York White Collar Crime Division.

Character Profile[]

Reese Hughes is one of the senior agents working in the bureau. He's Peter and Neal's superior and is keeping a close eye on the young consultant in case he decides he is bored with his job as the FBI's criminal consultant.

According to files looked at by Mozzie, Hughes is a legend to the Bureau and was let go. However, the FBI found a loophole and hired him back.

He cares about Peter and always does what he can to help him. However, he is less likely to bend the rules than the others like Diana and Jones. Hughes is trustworthy when it counts like in Most Wanted when he helps Peter help Neal get rid of Collins and free Neal but he does it completely legally. At the end, he has to send Peter to "The Cave" because it was the best he could do to keep Peter working at the FBI, showing how much he cares for Peter. Hughes career was ended when Peter and Neal went after Senator Pratt and took down his biggest finance. In revenge, Pratt forced Hughes into an early retirement.