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The Pink Panthers are a high profile international group of thieves who are led by Alan Woodford. In the episode Borrowed Time Neal describes the Panthers as "The greatest thieves of our time" to Jim Boothe, his kidnapper.

They are a seen to their criminal peers as a group of gentleman thieves who are known for committing elegant meticulously planned thefts. They have committed numerous crimes in many different countries, with a number of the gang members having fled Europe and unable to go back due to being wanted.

The gang are always open for other skilled criminals to join the gang so long as they are able to prove themselves with an audition. The Panthers have a difficult audition process involving stealing a valuable item and delivering it to Woodford. Boothe wants to steal the twin of the Hope Diamond for his audition but Neal comes up with a better plan; break into Wordford's office and leave something in his secret safe. The plan works however Boothe double crosses Neil and attempts to kill him only to be shot by the FBI.

Some time just prior to when we first meet the gang at the start of the sixth season, Matthew Keller had just joined them. He is secretly working for Interpol who struck a deal with him where they'll release him from his prison sentence, if he agrees to infiltrate the gang and help take them down. Neal discovered Keller was working for Interpol in the episode Return to Sender. Interpol inserted a chip under the skin of Kellers wrist, leaving a painful scar and constant itching in his wrist.

The Job[]

Prior to when Neal Caffrey joins the group, at the start of the sixth season, they are already working towards setting up there next con job. In "Return to Sender" they task Neal to attend a private auction to steal a rare stamp which he manages to do with the help of Peter. Woodford is surprised as it was though to be impossible and they didn't really need it as they were just wanting to test the security companies response times.

In "Uncontrolled Variables" they task Neal to steal a computer file from a tech security company which causes him problems as the company protects the information by using computer hardware from the 1970's. With the help of Mozzie they are eventually able to access the information and the FBI determine its an algorithm.