Maria Fiametta
Gender Female
Profession Author

Portrayed By Callie Thorne
Season(s) 1
First Appearance Book of Hours
Last Appearance Book of Hours
Episode Count 1 episodes
Images of Maria

Maria Fiametta is criminal character seen in the Book of Hours' episode of White Collar.

Character ProfileEdit

Maria Fiametta is an author and history teacher at the Brooklyn State University with a wide (and suspected insider) expertise on stolen antiques and black market sellings. She's a very attractive brunette in her late 30s whose brains and knowledge are about equal to that of Neal. Peter jokingly describes her as a "Cindiana Jones" (a female Indiana Jones). When Neal and Peter first make her acquaintance, she instantly recognizes the name Neal Caffrey remembering it as the name of a famed and talented manuscript forger. When she realizes she's in presence of the real Neal Caffrey, she immediately starts to flirt with him out of great admiration.

In "Book of Hours", Fiametta is involved with mobster Paul Ignazio. They seek to get hold of a valuable 15th century prayer book, and she ends playing a cat and mouse game with Neal, revealing herself as a very dangerous woman.

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Her last name's actual spelling is confirmed by the book cover of her essay Neal find at Ignazio's house. However, the most correct and found spelling of her name, clearly coming from Italian heritage, would be "Fiammetta".