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June Ellington
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June Ellington
Gender Female
Profession unknown
Family Byron (Deceased husband)
Samantha (Granddaughter)
Cindy (Granddaughter)

Portrayed By Diahann Carroll
Season(s) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Au Revoir
Episode Count 22 episodes
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June Ellington is an elderly widow who meets Neal at a thrift store and offers him a place to live.

Character Background[]

June Ellington was married to Byron, a con artist and career criminal who died before the show. At some point during their marriage, June and Byron had a child or children, as proven by their grandchildren Samantha and Cindy, though nothing on their children is ever confirmed.

Season One[]

June is first introduced in the Pilot episode, where she meets Neal Caffrey in a thrift store. She tells him her deceased husband, Byron, was a con artist himself.

In "Vital Signs", it is revealed that one of her granddaughters is very sick and will not get better without an organ transplant. After the young girl is taken off the transplant list under suspicious circumstances, Peter and Neal work together in order to find out why.

In "Home Invasion", June helps Peter to find Neal after the latter disappears in the course of an investigation.

Season Two[]

In "Countermeasures, we meet an old friend of both June and Byron named Ford. He used to be an old partner of Byron's before he died. Returning to the city to see June again, he truly wanted his last payday. Inside a table in Byron's old study, there's a printing plate for the 1991 $100 bill. Revealed that Byron stole this plate from Ford, saying that he didn't want anything to do with this 'final score'.

Filming Locations[]