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Julian Larssen
Alias(es) Michael Glassman
Kyle Albertson
Chuck Yarrino
Brian Blitek
Justin Springer
Gender Male
Status Alive

Portrayed By Paul Blackthorne
First Appearance Point Blank
Last Appearance Burke's Seven
Episode Count 2 episodes
Images of Larssen

Julian Larssen is a criminal and right-hand man of Vincent Adler.

Character Profile[]

Julian Larssen is the right hand man of Vincent Adler, the man responsible for all of Neal's suffering. Little is known about Larssen. All we know is he trained with Garrett Fowler in special forces OPI. He also was the guy who was carrying the newspaper and running from Peter and Diana.

In the Point Blank Larssen pulls out a gun, shoots Mozzie in the chest and steals his notebook. In Burke's Seven, Larssen finds Neal and offers him a deal: help him leave the country and he will deliver him the man behind the curtain (Vincent Adler); Neal refuses and Larssen walks away. The next day Larssen is arrested for murder and attempted murder, but Larssen was able to frame Peter for the shooting. After that Peter is suspended and Larssen walks away as a free man. Near the end of Burke's Seven, Frederick Bilal (under Peter and Neal's instruction) contacts Larssen to tell him that Agent Burke won't leave him alone, Larssen says he can fix this.

Larssen then attempts to frame Peter again by using latex finger prints to smuggle guns. He is stopped by the FBI but steals some tweezers. He uses them to get free, beats up Agent Roe and steals his gun. After that he flees while Peter chases him on horseback. He knocks Larssen down, the two struggle and Larssen gets his gun ready to shoot Peter. At the last minute, Peter punches Larssen in the face and arrests him. Back at the office Larssen asks Peter "What's your offer?" and reminds him that he is the bullet and not the man pulling the trigger. Peter tells him that all offers have expired and that he will only protect Larssen from the man. Larssen reaveals the man pulling the strings by saying his name is Vincent Adler.