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James Bennett
Alias(es) Sam Phelps
Gender Male
Profession Police Officer (Formerly)
Rank Detective
Specialty Solving crimes, Investigating
Status Alive/On the Run
Family Neal Caffrey (Son)

Mrs. Caffrey-Bennett

Portrayed By Treat Williams (Elder)
Gregg Prosser (Younger)
First Appearance Compromising Positions
Last Appearance In the Wind
Episode Count 6 episodes
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James Bennett is Neal Caffrey's father. He was a Washintgon, DC Police Officer who was arrested for murdering a fellow cop.

Character Profile[]

James Bennett was arrested for supposedly killing his superior officer. However, he managed to run and keep running from his past until Ellen's death. When he returned to Neal's life (supposedly as Samuel Phelps) he conned and convinced Neal that he was framed for the murder. Neal, Peter and Mozzie then help Bennett find Ellen's evidence box to help prove him innocent but, the box reveals that Bennett was a dirty cop showing that he fired at will. James then framed Peter Burke, who was arrested for the murder of Senator Pratt. He is currently on the run from the FBI.


Neal Caffrey[]

Neal is James' son. Three years after Neal was born, James was arrested on charges of murdering a fellow police officer. As such, Neal grew up in Witness Protection, under the name Danny Brooks, with his mother and Kathryn Hill—alias Ellen Parker.

As Danny, he grew up believing that James was a hero and died taking out a gang of criminals. Because of this, Danny grew up wanting to become exactly his father. However, when he turned 18, Ellen told him the truth, as well as the fact that his real name was Neal, not Danny. This resulted in Danny denouncing his father's surname, changing his name back to Neal, and adopting his mother's maiden name.


After his arrest, James' wife was placed into WitSec along with their son Neal. James' wife became despondent and unreliable, but encouraged their son to believe that James was a good man who died a hero.

Her name is currently unknown, and her current status has yet to be revealed.

Ellen Parker/Kathryn Hill[]

Ellen was a former police officer partnered with James. She had been forced to arrest James when he was found with the dead body of a fellow police officer. Because of her involvement in the case and personal friendship with James, she was forced into WitSec with James' wife and son.

Samuel Phelps[]

Sam took over the investigation on James after Kathryn Hill was put into WitSec. In the episode "Vested Interest" it is discovered that the man posing to Neal as Samuel Phelps is, in fact, Neal's father and the real Sam died of a heart attack in Florida, three years prior.