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Garrett Fowler
Gender Male
Profession FBI Agent
Specialty Office of Professional Responsibility

Portrayed By Noah Emmerich
Season(s) 1, 2
First Appearance Free Fall
Last Appearance Point Blank
Episode Count 3 episodes
Images of Fowler

Garrett Fowler is an agent for the FBI working in an Internal Affairs-like capacity in the Office of Professional Responsibility, a division of the Department of Justice.

Character Profile[]

Little is known about Garrett Fowler. Before he worked for the FBI, he was a special forces soldier and was a good friend of Julian Larssen, the right-hand of Vincent Adler. He used to work for the Violent Crimes division of the FBI. His wife was killed during a robbery, after which Fowler took a one year leave from the FBI. One day, he received a letter that showed the name of the person who murdered his wife. He chases this person down and kills him. Later, Fowler receives another letter and a video that shows him killing his wife's assassin. The mysterious man give a choice to Fowler: he must find a music box in Spain in exchange for the destruction of the video. Fowler has no choice to accept and do what the mysterious man tells him to do. He thinks Neal has the music box so he takes Neal's girlfriend, Kate, to put pressure on Neal so that he can give the music box to his mysterious boss.

Season 1[]

Fowler set up Operation Mentor to try to gather information about and take down Peter Burke. Fowler tapped Peter's phones and recorded conversations between Peter and Neal. The object of the operation may have been to find the Music Box. He also frames Neal for a theft of a pink diamond in Free Fall. Neal is cleared of the crime when a security camera catches the real thief on tape. Later, Neal and Peter are able to use him to take down his own dirty judge with a con. Revenge is sweet.

Season 2[]

Peter gets some information after he shoots him in an episode, and more in Point Blank when Neal escapes to confront him. Although it was generally believed he was directly responsible for Kate's death, it is revealed that he is not the man behind the curtain even though he was the last person Kate called.

At the beginning of Season 2, Peter learns Fowler's whereabouts are unknown and OPR denies the existence of Operation Mentor. Also after he was held at gun point by Neal he told Peter and Neal how a Mystery man gave him the name and whereabouts of his wife's murderer. The next day, Fowler got a tape showing what he did to the murderer and he was told he gets the music box and the tape disappears.

We known later the mysterious man is Vincent Adler, a business and con man who has a lot of influence around the world. He wants the music box because it is the key to find a Nazi treasure that is hidden in a U-boat.