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Elizabeth Burke
Gender Female
Profession Event Planner,
Burke Premiere Events
Family Peter Burke (Husband)
Neal Burke (son)

Satchmo (Family dog)
Tina Mitchell (Mother)
Robert Mitchell (Father)
Unnamed Sister

Portrayed By Tiffani Thiessen
Season(s) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Au Revoir
Episode Count 75 episodes
Images of Elizabeth Burke

Elizabeth Burke (née Mitchell) is the devoted wife of FBI Special Agent Peter Burke.

Character Profile

The beautiful,epic, and sophisticated wife of FBI agent Peter Burke, Elizabeth Burke, understands her husband's work ethic. As Peter's friend and mate, she stands by her husband as he tracks elusive criminals and offers fresh perspective whenever he needs it. Elizabeth even gives flirting tricks when her husband is undercover and needs to flirt a woman.

Having been married ten years, Elizabeth and Peter's relationship is amazingly strong, Elizabeth even comments at one point that she and Peter 'never fight', which is true.

Elizabeth's support for her husband never wavers, even as she juggles her home life with a demanding career running her own company - Burke Premiere Events. Mozzie at one point claims that he thought Elizabeth's company was merely a front for Peter, and she tells him that sometimes there is no front.

Elizabeth burke.png

Elizabeth seems to have taken a shine to Neal Caffrey and Neal has found some comfort in Elizabeth- she is often a mediator between Neal and Peter when their prior relationship and trust issues threaten their current work together. She is sometimes seen treating Neal like her own son.

In the Pilot episode, Peter compiles a list of the things she likes and announces that she likes pottery-making, Nancy Drew mysteries, Oleander-scented candles, old jazz, and anything Italian except anchovies.

Relationship With Peter

Elizabeth and Peter met, in the summer of 98. Peter was investigating a crime, to which Elizabeth was a witness. All week long he was trying to invite her to dinner, to a Italian restaurant on the corner. Finally, she gave him a hint by holding up a sign with the words 'I ♥ Italian!' They went to dinner and it was love at first sight.

In the episode 'Veiled Threat' Peter asks Elizabeth, to re-marry him, after he went undercover as the fiancee of a black widow killer. He 'hired' Elle to arrange the wedding. The black widow asked her what kind of wedding she wanted. A small one. The night when the black widow was arrested, Peter asked Elizabeth to come to Neal's apartment. When she arrived the room was decorated, and Peter was in a suit. He told her he loves her like crazy, and he's willing to give her the wedding of her dreams. She says 'yes' in tears, and Mozzie appears to 'marry'

This is Elizabeth and Peter hugging.