This is a listing of production credits for Season 1 of White Collar.

Network: USA Network

Creator and Executive producer by Jeff Eastin

Co-executive producer: Jeff King

Co-executive producer: Clifton Campbell

Consulting producer: Tom Garrigus

Supervising producers: Joan Binder Weiss

Producer: Margo Myers

Story editor: Travis Romero

Executive story editor: Rashad Raisani

Staff writers: Jim Campolongo, Joe Henderson & Joseph Muscat

Technical consultant: Tom Barden

Series casting: Julie Tucker / Ross Meyerson

Production designer: Lester Cohen

Director of photography: Russell Fine

Editors: Russell Denove, Tammis Chandler Biraben & Doug Hannah

Costume designer: Stephanie Maslansky

Origination: New York, New York

Produced by: Fox Television Studios