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Copycat Caffrey
Season 2 · Episode 03
July 27, 2010 (2010-07-27)

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Copycat Caffrey is the 3rd episode of Season 2 of the series and the 17th produced episode.


Neal goes back to school in order to trap a college professor and his students who are turning themselves into a ring of thieves. Alex returns and needs Neal's help after getting into trouble over the music box incident at the Italian Embassy. He then realizes that he is being tricked....

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"Or I'll start with your fingers." - Peter Burke, Mozzie


For Starring Cast, see Season 2#Credits.

Guest Starring[]


  • Christine Evangelista as Veronica Naylon
  • Scott Campbell as Eric Taylor
  • Ari Brand as Manny Veselic
  • Cal Robertson as Justin Magary

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In Memory of[]

The episode was dedicated to John Bolz (1970-2010) a grip on White Collar who died in a single-car accident in May 2010.