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At What Price
Season 5 · Episode 01
October 17, 2013 (2013-10-17)
Stefan Schwartz

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At What Price is the 1st episode of Season 5 of the series and the 63rd produced episode.


Neal and Peter race to find a treasure hidden beneath New York City before it falls into the wrong hands

Peter is about to be prosecuted for murder, which could end his FBI career even if he were acquitted. Elizabeth urges Neal to save him at any cost. Neal is contacted by the Dutchman, Curtis Hagan, the man he helped Peter convict of forgery in their first case together. Hagan has influence over Peter's prosecutor, and can get the charges dismissed if Neal can make a convincing fake audio confession from James. Neal and Mozzie do this and learn Hagan's price: Neal must steal a collection of gold coins from a secure building. Neal does this with the aid of a device Mozzie has built to spoof the anklet's signal to make him appear to be at home. Neal then learns that the Dutchman has filmed the heist and plans to blackmail him into committing further crimes for him. Peter is promoted to be head of the NYC White Collar Crime office. He gives Neal a new anklet and promises him a new handler from outside the office. Their last case together is to investigate the coin robbery. 


For Starring Cast, see Season 5#Credits.

Guest Starring[]

  • James McCaffrey as Lieutenant Gannon
  • Mark Sheppard as Curtis Hagen
  • Boris McGiver as Section Chief Bruce
  • Molly Price as Police Officer
  • Bill Sage as Federal Prosecutor


  • Joe Gately as Travel Agent
  • Jonathan Judge-Russo as Probie

Filming Locations[]